Saturday, September 20, 2008

Out of Her Hands-Megan DiMaria

Out of Her Hands
Megan DiMaria
Tyndale, Oct 2008, $12.99
ISBN: 141431888X

In the Denver area, Linda Revere thanks God for her faithful husband Jerry and their two children, high school cheerleader Emma and college student Nick. She also has prayed for a decade plus that her two kids bring home proper spouses; i.e. devout Christians.

However her prayer for a daughter-in-law in her image goes unanswered when Nick becomes engaged to Amber Webber, who is not even a Christian. He reluctantly introduces his fiancée to his parents and sister expecting a cold reception to his girl from his mom. While Linda struggles with that bombshell, she also finds her promotion at Dream Photography overwhelming her. Meanwhile Linda also tries to be there for her recently widowed father-in-law. However as her stress mounts she fears no one not even God is there for her.

With a nod to Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet, OUT OF HER HANDS is a wonderful inspirational look at family relationships as Linda and Jerry want the best for their offspring, but to mom that includes a good Christian. Linda feels Nick is making an unacceptable choice, but her belief is driving her son away. Although the problems at work seem unnecessary except to perhaps add to mom’s stress level, fans will enjoy this entertaining insightful look at acceptance and tolerance as God would expect of all his children.

Harriet Klausner

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