Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How To Knit A Wild Bikini-Christie Ridgway

How To Knit A Wild Bikini
Christie Ridgway
Berkley, Jun 2008, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425221938

In Southern California, her knee injury forces sous chef Nikki Carmichael to leave her job that requires standing up on her feet all day. Thanks to a friend and an ad throughout the Los Angeles area she feels fortunate to obtain work as private chef to NYFM hip men’s magazine editor Jay Buchanan although he wants a lesbian so they have no sexual issues between them while he practices abstinence over the next year.

Nikki is unaware that Jay hired her not for her cooking skills, but to use as a fake girlfriend to keep females like his neighbor Shanna way from him. She learns his extra requirements when he kisses her in front of Shanna. However, Shanna is beginning to look away from the editing hunk to her landscaper Jorge while Jay's seventeen years old niece is attracted to an older teen. Nikki seems to be in the middle of all these relationships including her own with her new employer, which drives her to Malibu & Ewe for a stitch of sanity.

This Malibu & Ewe contemporary romance is an engaging tale especially when the focus is on the lead couple. However, there are several other relationship sidebar subplots forging, even beyond the two mentioned above, so at times the plot feels overwhelmed with too many knitters. Still Jay is a fascinating character who suddenly has a tendency to need to spend time in the kitchen whereas Nikki proves from that first kiss she does not meet his job requirement. HOW TO KNIT A WILD BIKINI is a fun Southern California romance.

Harriet Klausner

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