Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Notes From the Backseat-Jody Gehrman

Notes From the Backseat
Jody Gehrman
Red Dress, Jan 2008, $13.99
ISBN: 9780373895489

Marla and Gwen met a dozen years ago as sophomores at Arly High School. They became best buds and still are. While Marla is in Paris meeting her future in-laws Gwen beomes confused and upset with her relationship. Since Marla will not be available for girl chats, she gives her friend a journal to write down her feelings as she, her boy friend Coop and his best friend since college Dannika drive from San Diego to a wedding in Mendocino in the “Devil Blonde’s” car.

Gwen feels jealous before she even meets the beautiful and popular actress Dannika Winters. What shakes her further is she is not sure she and Coop will pass the impossible line of demarcation of three months, a zone that no previous boyfriend of Gwen ever made. Marla believes Coop and Gwen are soulmates, but she believes that not even Jackie O could help her friend in this crisis as the Dannika is so in and a mere mortal like she is cannot compete. The drop dead gorgeous Ms. D makes the skittish Gwen feel insecure as D and Coop are Malibu while Gwen and Coop are the Laundromat.

NOTES FROM THE BACKSEAT is a terrific tale of an insecure woman writing in journal format how inadequate she feels in a contest against a Goddess rival with the winner taking all; the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. The three prime players come alive especially Gwen who shrivels into jealous loser status while Dannika tries to sabotage the relationship obtaining courage from Hostess cupcakes and Coop is a nice person unaware of the game in which he is the prize. Readers who appreciate a deep tale that gets into the guts of the star will enjoy what makes Gwen tick.

Harriet Klausner

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